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The Bodyguard - Chapter 32: Karen

Chapter: 32
Rating: Nc-17
POV: Blade
Warnings: Language, Death, Crime
Chapter Overview: Link

About the Story: The death of their parents broke Taylor and Zac apart. Each of them went his own way of life, Taylor became a famous superstar and never thought that his profession would bring his life in danger someday. Blade (Zac) buried the past and lived his life contentedly in his dark and dirty world as a pimp. Because of some unexpected circumstances Blade got hired as Taylor's bodyguard and the brothers saw each other for the first time after almost a decade. How will they find a way to each other again after the past had put thick walls between them?

Authors Notes: Before we go back to the main plot, here's our third Flashback Chapter about Blade's Army experiences.
Enjoy ♡

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Blade: (Age 23)

Our team and the rest of the troops of other soldiers came to rescue a small town in El Salvador which got badly affected by a strong hurricane. When we first saw the effect of the hurricane, all of us were speechless. I had never seen such a scale of devastation before.

Looking at how huge the hurricane’s damages were, we barely even knew how and where to start our clearing operation. It wasn’t like any other rescue operation we did, coz what we saw was a total blast out community.

It was almost impossible to go in the middle of the town, the streets were clogged with trees and destroyed houses, bridges were broken and the electricity didn't work anymore since the last 24 hours. We had to climb out from the heavy equipped car we used several times to clear the clogged roads and build temporary bridges for us to reach the center of the town.

It was past 5 pm when we reached our location of assignment. Immediately, all of us worked and proceeded on our operation. The dark sky and rain gave us difficulty on our search, but all of us didn’t get bothered. Our only focus was to see if there were injured individuals anywhere that we could still save. All of us went back and forth to search for people to rescue.

The sight of the ruined community was a very sad view to see. We knew that we could only save a small part of all the ones who survived. Many people already had lost their lives in the storm of the Hurricane.

It was heart breaking to watch all those desperate people who had survived around me. Most of them were crying, shocked and scared. They had lost their loved ones, their homes, their belongings.
Everything they owned...

In their despair, many people were pleading us to find their relatives. But we soldiers weren't gods. We couldn't resuscitate the Hurricane victims who already died because of the storm.

We could only settle a bit of the damage.

We heard screaming from everywhere, all of us knew that we wouldn't be able to save them all in one move, what we could only do was to work as fast as we could with concentration and forced calmness for us to be able to think tactically. There was no room for us to grieve for them, we couldn’t get carried away. We could never take back the lives that would be lost if we would be negligent. Time was very essential, every moment could take away another life...

Another storm would be coming soon, so we were hard-pressed for time and tried to save as much as we could. Some of Red's and my teammates already had a mental breakdown because of exhaustion.
I couldn’t blame them, I was also beginning to feel my physical strength declining.

We’ve been working for 48 hours monitoring the areas that could be affected and then working on them as planned after the hurricane passed. My body felt weak, but I worked as if I just woke up from a long night of peaceful sleep like what I always did in every assignment of my team. I could never waste time to think about my bodily needs on our operation.

I knew at that point, I wasn’t working for the challenge alone, I wasn’t working to challenge death of how far I could go until it would take me away as well. Coz at moments like these, I was working from the heart which I thought had died years ago.
To know that I was doing something important and useful made me realize that I was still capable of feeling and that I was worth to live after all.

If I couldn't save my own lost soul, then I could do it for other people. It was a thing I was willing to give my life for. Every day, every minute of my life. If I knew I could save a life, but might die for it, I would do it without hesitation. Because, no matter how it would end, I knew that I have done the right thing. And that knowledge would give my twenty three year old self peace...

If you want to become a soldier, it was important to be aware of that all the time. Otherwise, you would only waste your time and impede your team mates.

My work as a soldier gave me the meaning of living back. It made me forget the feeling of loss about my own family and being pushed off from my older brother.
I didn't walk through this world with sorrow in my heart.

My strength was revived through my will of saving lives. And my best companions Santiago and Bandito who were always by my side.

I heard Red shouting to his team commanding them to go and check each house whether it was still standing or not, to see if there were survivors left, even animals. I was glad that I had Bandito with me, he could easily sniff on the area and help me on finding bodies and survivors.

I turned my head and watched the people around me. There was a mother looking for her lost children, a child looking for her parents and even a police man who was searching for his family members. I’ve seen many dead people in the past but it was always painful to see innocent lives to be taken away just like that. Every normal human being, even if they had no power and capability at all would feel the urge to do something to help by the sight of that.

Human remains we gathered were laid on the road side which we cleared. We put them on black and thick plastic covers for the teams from the health department and the Local officials who would do the identification. The line of the dead remains was already fifty meters long and that was just the beginning.

I looked over the area again for appraisal, I was standing on a dirty ground, beside a river. Its current was running fast but it wasn’t too wide, just approximately 5 meters. I saw that there were community members who needed help on that part. However, I knew that it would be difficult for us to swim over it in order to go to the other side, so I commanded my team to create a small bridge that we could use.

When we were finished and reached the other side, I immediately saw a man who was trying his best to push away a small wall of brick that was covering his right leg. Hurriedly, with the help of my co-soldier, we pushed the brick away as Red pulled the poor guy. Quickly I inspected his wounds, there was a long and deep cut on his skin, his leg was badly injured.

He needed immediate medication so I applied first aide on his leg before bringing him to the other side of the river. I knew that all of us needed to move fast, so without hesitation, I carried the poor guy by myself on my shoulder.

I was in the middle of the tiny bridge we created when I suddenly heard a scream. Instantly, I looked to the direction of where the scream might come from and I almost dropped the man I was carrying when I saw a little girl screaming at me, asking for help. She was holding on the rope that was probably tied on the river for emergencies such as strong hurricanes. I didn’t know how she got there, and it wasn’t the right time for me to even think about it.

Her scream was deafening my ears. She was so damn near me but I couldn’t do anything. I ran in haste hoping that I’d have enough time to come back for her.  I frantically carried the badly wounded man on my shoulder as I walked to the tiny wood. The wind and rain were heavy, the dirty current kept on banging her small frame.

“Don’t let go of the rope, I’ll come back for you, I promise!” I shouted out to my lungs. I didn’t look back at her to see if she understood what I said, I just concentrated on walking fast.

I gripped the man’s midrib tightly, he was heavy, I assumed heavier than me, but I tried to carry him the fastest I could. During our combat training we often had to walk long marches through forests carrying back packs packed with heavy weights on our backs to stay fit and be prepared for emergencies like this. I needed to go back and rescue the little girl before it’s too late. The little kid’s scream was all I could think of as I ran fast to go back to the rope where I last saw her, but my composure dropped for a second when I found the rope empty. It was swinging back and forth because of the strong current.

Not losing hope, I ran to the other side to search for her.

“Red, I need help!” I yelled.

I saw that I also caught the attention of my colleagues, they also walked towards me. I moved quickly and fixed the flashlight fastened on my forehead.

“I saw a little girl gripping the rope in the river while I carried the injured man, but she was gone when I came back.” I shouted over the loud current and heavy rain. My eyes never left the river for inspection, I also had a flashlight on my other hand, making sure that it’d be easier for me to see her.

“Ok, Blade, let me help you find her.”

I didn’t give Red a glance, I just started walking by the river side praying repeatedly to find her somehow. I heard Red commanding our teams to continue their tasks and let the two us do the search for the little girl.

I was feeling panic building up inside of me, I couldn’t afford to think that she was drowning and repeatedly asking for help somewhere in the strong current.

A normal kid could probably stay under water for about a minute. If she was a good swimmer, she could probably stay longer. But she was exhausted, too. Fighting the current was the most difficult. And given that she wasn’t able to hold on to the rope, she was certainly worn out.

Minutes passed of our search when I suddenly saw a tiny frame lying on the river side. I immediately recognized her blue shirt. Shouting for Red, I let my body slide on the sloppy ground to reach her.

My heart was beating fast and I was almost afraid to touch her unconscious body which was half submerged in the water. But there was no time to entertain emotions at that moment, so I lifted her carefully to my arms and placed her on a flat part of the ground.

“Check her pulse, Blade.” I didn’t know that Red was already there squatted beside me until I heard him spoke.

“Yeah.” I answered as I began to check the pulse on her wrist. But there was none. I hastily checked her carotid pulse, but there was none, too. My heart skipped a beat and I preceded performing CPR.

I carefully but firmly pressed my palm on her chest as I checked of any sigh of movement from her. I got distracted for a moment when I read the word knitted on her shirt right at the top of her heart.


Still no life sign, but I tried and tried. Putting enough pressure but not too much, I didn’t want to crash her rib cage. I blew on her airways, several times again and again.

“Damn it, Karen, please!” I shouted angrily and pathetically. Maybe they weren’t enough. I placed my palm on her chest again.

Minuted passed by without success. Eventually, I felt Santiago’s hand on my shoulder.

I looked at my friend. The horror in my eyes probably said all my fears. I waited for him to say something positive, to encourage me, to continue the CPR...

But he shook his head, stroked over my hair, his eyes stared at my wounded soul, telling me it was over.

I swallowed painfully and stared back at the little girl who was screaming for help just few minutes ago.


We both knew it. I was too late. Karen never made it.

For the first time during the period of service in the army, I cried...

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Chapter Overview: Link
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